What is the first thing you do when you want to perform an aesthetic procedure? Research, of course! When it comes to micropigmentation it is possible to find a lot of information on the subject. However, it is difficult to find one that explains the basic doubts of this aesthetic modality that has been growing...
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During micropigmentation, the human body works hard for the complete and healthy recovery of the affected area. Even if the damage is minimal, the micropigmented skin receives a mechanical aggression from the needle in the dermal tissue with the entry of the pigment in the body, and with this, the person’s immune system enters the...
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Micropigmentation or Permanent Make-up (PMU) is an aesthetic procedure also known as permanent makeup, dermopigmentation or cosmetic tattoo, which consists of the dermal introduction, just after the skin, of small particles of pigments, of different colors, through a device called dermograph. The dermograph has a single-use needle that rises into the capsule, is bathed in...
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